NIPPON ACCUMULATOR CO., LTD. (NACOL ) is the first Japanese manufacturer developped the bladder type accumulator in 1958. NACOL created the long life and high performance bladder type accumulators with innovative designs; for example, " the large openings at the top of accumulators which allow the disassembly/assembly and correct positioning of bladders from the top making the maintenance job very easy" and " the seamless one-piece molded pleated bladder."
Products Applications
Standard Type Accumulators
High Flow Type Accumulators
Stainless Steel Accumulators
Special Accumulators
Accumulators for Pulsation
Dampening and Shock
Low Pressure Type Accumulators
Oil Tank Dust Preventer
Piston Type Accumulators
Valve & Accumulator Stands

Machine Tool
Injection molding machine
Diecast machine
Ship's fin stabilizer
NC lathe
Shaker (fatigue test stand)
Hydraulic pile-hammer
Hard typ mill KVM model
Liquid loading line