Solutions For A World Under Pressure

Established 1949 in Munich, Germany. The company has now factories with 1000 employees, German sales office and subsidiaries in Italy, France, Spain, Finland, Switzerland, China and North America.
Additionally HAWE products are distributed worldwide through more than 25 independent, competent distribution partnersSpecial design for special application.

The modular concept enables users the combination of competitive prices and customised individual solutions with pressures up to 700 bar leakfree.
HAWE products are very compact, robust and meet specific requirements, where often standard products would fail.

Products Applications Technique
• Type R
• Type RZ
• Type V30D / V30E
• Additional pumps
• Airdriven hydraulic pumps
• Manual pumps
Compact hydraulic power packs
• Single and dual circuit pumps, motor, tank and optional blower in one housing save space in your system or could easily be incorporated into a portable design. Max. operating pressure: 700 bar (high pressure) 180 bar (low pressure).
Pressure valves
• For pipe connection
• As screw-in valve
• For manifold mounting
• For proportional control
• With unit approval
Directional seated valves
• 2/2-, 3/2-, 3/3-, 4/3- and 4/2- way ball seated valve with various actuations
• 2/2-, 3/2-, 4/3 - way cone seated valves
Check valves
Electronic controls
• Electronic amplifier EV
• Programmable logical valve control PLVC, with Profi- and CAN-Bus interface
• Pressure switches
• Electronic pressure transducer DT
• Hydraulic accumulators
• Hydraulic cylinders

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■ Areas of application for HAWE products:
• Machine tools
• Lifting platforms
• Mobile cranes
• Construction
• Machinery
• Forestry
• Material handling
• Shipbuilding
• Wind power
• Offshore technology
• And more than 50 others
HAWE solutions are applied in almost all areas of industry.
■ High pressure for high efficiency.
High pressure and low flow-rates result in improved efficiency of your complete hydraulic system.
HAWE therefore has components and systems operating up to 700 bars.
Our products for intermediate pressure applications, e.g. mobile hydraulics, are designed for higher pressures than usual due to the use of steel.